For Google Maps, the route was opened in Turkey according to the vehicle engine type.

For Google Maps the route was opened in Turkey according

Google Maps or Google Maps A useful feature that was recently opened abroad for the company has been activated in Turkey as well.

google maps, via the route determined by people abroad and now in Turkey to choose the engine type of the vehicle they drive. it allows. Here gasoline, diesel, electric or hybrid options are offered. The application that looks at the information entered in the process, it brings you the most efficient route according to the vehicle engine type. Last year, Google started to offer people the shortest as well as the most environmentally friendly and fuel-saving route. Developing the new feature on this basis, the internet giant does not implement a single standard for each tool, unless it is possible. logically it also includes the engine type and this generally gets positive feedback. Because even between hybrid and electric vehicles, there is a serious efficiency difference.

About this feature, Google itself states: “The Google Maps app shows estimates of fuel or energy efficiency on some routes, depending on your vehicle’s engine type. The higher the fuel or energy efficiency of the route, the lower your car’s fuel/energy use and CO2 emissions will be. If this feature is enabled, Maps chooses the best route for you, taking into account fuel or energy efficiency, as well as factors such as current traffic and road conditions. Thus, besides showing the fastest route, it also shows the most efficient route, if not the same.

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This new section opened to everyone in Turkey is located in the “Route Options” section of the selected route.

BWhen you turn this feature off, the fastest route is always shown and route suggestions do not take into account fuel or energy efficiency. However, fuel or energy efficiency estimates (by engine type) and a green leaf are shown to highlight the most fuel or energy efficient route among all alternatives.”


Google also shares the following about the process: “The recommendation for the most fuel efficient route may differ depending on the engine type. For example, the fuel economy advantage of diesel vehicles is often ideal for highway driving. Hybrid and electric vehicles are often used in city traffic that requires frequent stops. regenerative braking It provides more efficiency as they use it. If you don’t select an engine type, gasoline or petrol, the most common engine type in most countries, will be used by default.”