Football in the spotlight in Mondial Sports!

Football in the spotlight in Mondial Sports

In the summary of Mondial sports on Saturday: we will go to Spain and Germany, to hear from Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, two giants of the “Old continent” who are experiencing a difficult end to the season. The first is already thinking about the future while the second hopes to console himself with a new title of German champion!

On the other hand, all is well for Inter Milan, qualified surprise for the final of the Champions League. You will hear from a club legend, former midfielder Benoît Cauet, teammate of the Brazilian Ronaldo more than twenty years ago!


Far from Europe and football fields, we will head to Mauritius, which hosts the African Gymnastics Championships. The continent’s talents have Paris 2024 in their sights. We will make you discover the Togolese nugget Mathilde Maggioli.


Finally, the Wembanyama madness continues to grip the United States. The French basketball prodigy should join the San Antonio Spurs, Tony Parker’s former team which is about to see a new Frenchy shine on its floors.

Hugo Moissonnier gives you an appointment at 9:30 p.m., universal time.