Food aid plan: what is this new device?

Food aid plan what is this new device

The government has devised a food aid plan to help the most precarious households to eat better. What is this new aid? Who could benefit from it? We take stock.

While the idea of ​​a food check was again under discussion, the executive would have finally chosen another solution: that of food aid planrevealed RTL this February 28, 2023. Baptized “Eating better for all”this scheme aims to help the 4 million French most precarious so that they can benefit from a better feed daily.

What is the government food aid plan?

The idea behind the “Eating better for all” scheme is of recycle fresh produce. This would mainly be fruit and vegetables that producers are unable to sell or that are soon to expire or are too damaged in supermarkets, for make preserves, compotes or add them to prepared dishes which keep longer. Once processed, these products will then be distributed in the form of baskets to people in need. According to our colleagues, the device is already being tested in the Loire region and the feedback is positive.

Who could benefit from the government’s food aid plan?

The households concerned by the government’s future food aid plan are those considered to be THE more modest. It remains to be seen what the eligibility conditions for this aid will be.

Namely that this new device comes as yet another price increase on food products is expected in the coming months. According to estimates by the firm NielsenIQ, taken over by AFP, this increase could be around 15% in June 2023, compared to June 2022.