Followers in a row after Bianca Ingrosso’s cheeky picture: “Pajaser”

Followers in a row after Bianca Ingrossos cheeky picture Pajaser

The influencer Bianca Ingrosso, 29, often shares scantily clad photos on Instagram. Especially after the last luxury trip to Mexico that took place in February. Her Instagram feed was then filled with tropical bikini pictures from the beach.

Bianca Ingrosso faces hate storm after undressing video

Bianca Ingrosso on a trip in Mexico. Photo: Stella Pictures

So it is not news that Bianca Ingrosso posts scantily clad pictures, but this time the followers see red. On Monday, the influencer published a picture where she is standing in a bathroom in underwear, a fur jacket and sunglasses.

The post, which at the time of writing has 313 comments, has sparked several heated discussions in the comments section. The discussions concern both the lightly dressed image but also whether the fur jacket is made of fake fur or animal.

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Criticism – nudity and fur are not appreciated

Several followers have reacted to Bianca Ingrosso possibly wearing a jacket made of real fur. The influencer himself has not made any statement about where the jacket comes from or what it is made of.

One person who has reacted strongly has commented: “When one by one the big fashion companies are opting out of fur and country after country is banning fur farms, it is seriously tone deaf to turn a blind eye as an influencer to the horrific animal cruelty that the fur industry stands for.”

She has also received a lot of criticism because the image is scantily clad. One person writes: “I have to show off my body in every situation and get 100 percent attention in just about every situation.”

But not all followers agree with the criticism, which has led to a massive fight between followers.

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Photo: Screenshot/Instagram/Bianca Ingrosso Followers arguing with each other

The criticism of the fur jacket has caused some followers to put their foot down and the discussion has quickly escalated between followers.

“Such bums in these comments, the reason for the hate is based on the fact that she has more and earns four times more in a month than the people in here have in annual salary. Straight from the Swedish pathetic jealousy instead of seeing everything as inspiration and motivation, fucking buffoons. The level in here is lower than Chrippa and Linnea’s drama.”, writes one person.

Then another person replies: “The hate applies a lot to her advertising the fur industry again. Learn to spell before you whiteknight the rest of you clown.”

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Photo: Screenshot/Instagram/Bianca Ingrosso