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The presidency of Ukraine indicated on Sunday February 27 that it had agreed to talks with Russia during the fourth day of the Russian offensive. These negotiations, without preconditions will take place on the border with Belarus, near Chernobyl. The capital Kiev seems to be resisting and slowing down the Russian advance. An Extraordinary General Assembly of the United Nations will take place on Monday 28 February.

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The main points:

Ukraine has confirmed talks with Russia on the border with Belarusafter mediation by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

► Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Sunday putting “ russian army deterrent forces on special combat alert regime which can understand a nuclear component.

Fighting continues in Kyiv, mainly on its outskirts. According to Vitali Klitschko, the mayor of Kiev, there are no Russian troops in the capital, ” but our military, law enforcement and territorial defense continue to spot and neutralize saboteurs “.

► The last provisional assessment of Sunday February 27 reports 352 civilians killedincluding 14 children, and 1,684 civilians injured, including 116 children, according to the Ukrainian Minister of Health. The European Commissioner fears more than 7 million people displaced by the war in Ukraine. Some 368,000 refugees have already fled the fighting, according to the United Nationswhich indicates that this figure “ keep increasing “: cohorts of displaced people are on the roads from Ukraine to neighboring countries, in particular Poland, Moldova, Hungary, Slovakia or Romania.

► Several European countries with the United States, Canada and the European Commission have announced the exclusion of several Russian banks from the Swift interbank network as well as sanctions targeting the currency reserves of Russia’s central bank. Since the beginning of the offensive, several sets of sanctions have already been decided by the West.

The United Nations General Assembly is convened on Monday, February 28 in an emergency special session following a meeting of the UN Security Council on Sunday 27 February.

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12:10 a.m.: Vladimir Putin asked his generals to put the Russian army’s nuclear deterrent force on alert. For General Vincent Desportes, former director of the School of War and professor at Sciences-Po, the consequences of this decision could be major.

After the alert, you have the nuclear fire. This means that today, Russian submarines have come to the surface so that they can launch their nuclear missiles.

General Vincent Desportes

00:05 : The British government has announced that it will introduce on Tuesday a bill aimed at combating economic crime and dirty money », with in his sights Russian oligarchs close to the Kremlin.

12:01 am: BP abandons its stake in the Russian oil giant Rosneft, ending 30 years of activity in Russia. The disposal of this 19.75% stake will result in costs of up to 22.4 billion euros, the British company said.

The move represents a dramatic exit for BP, the largest foreign investor in Russia, and puts a spotlight on other Western companies with operations in the country, including TotalEnergies and Britain’s Shell.