Fluffy dog ​​slipper caught perpetrators – sentenced to prison

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Two men have been jailed after beating a man with a frying pan and stabbing him with a knife following a botched drug deal. The man died.

One of the men is sentenced for causing the death of another, aggravated assault, drug offense and illegal driving, the other for aggravated assault and drug offence. The penalty is imprisonment for four and one and a half years respectively. One of the pieces of evidence was a surveillance video from the incident last summer, where the two men were seen fleeing the scene.

– The police made a big effort in the first two days after this incident, which resulted in a very good state of evidence, prosecutor Viktor Törneke previously told TV4 Nyheterna.

The major police operation that began after the murder initially had a somewhat odd focus, namely a pair of hairy and fluffy dog ​​slippers. Through the police’s detective work, they managed to link the slippers to a specific person, and it was later established that the victim’s blood was found on the footwear.

In the clip above: A feature on how the dog slippers became a crucial piece of evidence in the case.