Florida’s wild spring continues in the NBA too! The Miami Heat made basketball history and advanced to the finals – the star player got a sweet revenge

Floridas wild spring continues in the NBA too The Miami

Miami became the first team to reach the finals through playoff qualifiers. The team finally defeated the big favorite Boston Celtics in the seventh game with a score of 103–84.

SpongeBob Forsberg,

Pertti Lappalainen

In the North American ball leagues, Florida teams have been responsible for the big surprises of the spring playoffs.

Early this morning, Finnish time, in NBA basketball, the Miami Heat defeated the pre-favorite Boston Celtics 103–84 in the decisive seventh final game of the Eastern Conference.

The team advanced to the NBA finals against the Denver Nuggets with a 4–3 victory.

Miami entered the playoffs as the last team in the Eastern Conference. Miami is the first team in the NBA to reach the finals through the playoffs.

In addition, after the New York Knicks (1998–1999), the Heat is only the second team that finished eighth in the regular season to advance to the NBA Finals.

Among the Florida teams, the NHL club Florida Panthers was also in trouble in the regular season, but is playing in the finals with a desire for the Stanley Cup.

In the Eastern Conference finals, Miami won the first three games against last season’s finalist Boston, but the Celtics were still close.

In the decisive match, Miami’s power players were the star players Jimmy Butlerwho scored 28 points, and bagged 26 points Caleb Martin.

Butler was awarded the Eastern Conference Finals Most Valuable Player. He has been one of the best players in the playoffs throughout the spring.

A year ago, Miami lost to Boston in the conference finals. At that time, Butler had a possible winning throw in his hands, but the third hit the front iron. The athletic winger swore that in a year the team will advance to the finals.

Now Butler’s words came true.

– I had so much faith in myself and this team. I see every day how good players we have and what a good team we are. We got it done, Butler said after the match was over.

Butler was transferred to Miami in the summer of 2019. Since then, he has been healthy while being one of the best playoff players in the league. In his first season, he led Miami to the finals for the first time since spring 2014.

Over the course of four seasons, the team has been in the conference finals no less than three times, although especially Boston, Milwaukee and Philadelphia have been stronger than Miami in advance predictions from season to season.

In the finals, the Heat will face Denver, who have never won an NBA championship. It has been ten years since the last victory of Miami, who celebrated the championship three times.

The final series starts early on Friday Finnish time.