Florida approves temporary abortion law

Florida approves temporary abortion law

Published 2024-04-01 23.08




fullscreen Florida Supreme Court. Archive image. Photo: Brendan Farrington/AP/TT

The Supreme Court in the US state of Florida approves a law that bans abortions after the sixth week of pregnancy. This puts into effect the law previously passed by the Florida State Congress.

But the court ruled at the same time that the issue may be raised in the elections held in the United States in November, and then the amendment may be torn up.

Previously, abortions up to the 15th week of pregnancy were allowed in the state, but conservative forces in the state have pushed for changes.

The Democrat-controlled White House believes that the law violates fundamental freedoms “and is out of step with the views” of the vast majority in the United States. Democrats in Florida have already said that the abortion issue will be one of the most important for the party to push in the election.