Floods, strong winds and snowfall

Floods strong winds and snowfall

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Yellow. orange, red.

Difficult weather awaits and SMHI is now issuing a triple warning.

There are warnings of floods, strong winds and snowfall.

SMHI is now warning of several different problems around the country. There is a red, orange and yellow warning and it concerns both high flows and severe weather.

The red warnings apply to floods in upper Viskan and upper Ätran in Västra Götaland.

“After the recent rain and snow melt, the water levels in the lakes have risen. This can cause flooding near the lake. The levels are expected to culminate in the middle of the week”, writes SMHI regarding both the Whisper and the Eat.

full screen Flooded road outside Ängelholm 2022. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT


The orange warnings also apply to floods. The warnings apply in several places in Götaland and in Svealand.

Among other things, Dyltaån north of Örebro and Kilaån in Södermanland.

Rivers and waterways in Västra Götaland are also in the risk zone for floods, including lower Ätran and Nissan, and SMHI has also issued orange warnings for these places.

The yellow warnings apply to strong winds and severe weather.

On Sunday evening, there is a risk of thunderstorms in several parts of the country. Access may be limited in these areas due to fallen trees and branches.

full screen There is a risk of storm surges in several parts of the country. Photo: Getty

Strong wind and heavy snowfall

The warnings apply to parts of the West Coast, southern Öland, southern Blekinge and southern Scania.

There is also a warning of heavy snowfall on Sunday. The warning applies to parts of Västerbotten and Norrbotten.

The heavy snowfalls can cause traffic problems and disruptions in the electricity supply.

Yellow warnings are also issued regarding strong winds in the Baltic Sea.

fullscreen Snowy weather outside Umeå. Photo: Rolf Höjer / TT