Fisco, Albano (Mef): 6.8 billion quater from scrapping

CdM approves 13 billion energy decree fuel bonus introduced

(Finance) – The undersecretary of the Mef, Lucia Albanodeclared that the receipts from quater scrapping in 2023 amount to 6.8 billion euros, of which 6.5 billion refer to the payment of installments falling due in the same year (first or single installment and second) and 0.3 billion refer to subsequent deadlines and already paid by taxpayers. During the question time in the Finance Committee of the Chamber, Albano underlined that compared to the amounts to be paid for the installments due in 2023, equal to 11.9 billion euros, the rate of decadence overall recorded stood at 45.4% equal to 5.4 billion.

A percentage, he explained, “significantly lower than that recorded with reference to previous procedures facilitation facilitated“. The forfeiture rates were in fact 53% in the first scrapping, 67% in the second and 70% in the third.

With an amendment to decree A thousand extensions approved today, a new chance is given to those who have lapsed but intend to return to the procedure. The terms of the quater scrapping are in fact reopened with the possibility of paying the first two expired installments by 15 March 2024.

The first three editions of the scrapping of the files and the so-called settlement and removal have affected the warehouse tax for further 30 billion euroswhile the cancellation measures (the so-called excerpts) for further 82 billion. In total 112 billion. The fiscal warehouse amounts, according to the latest data from the Revenue Agency, to around 1,200 billion euros.