First trailer of murder series with time travel killer spanning 150 years

After the big summer blockbuster One Piece, Netflix is ​​launching some more exciting new series this year. One of them is the ambitious comic adaptation Bodies. This turns the crime genre on its head with a sci-fi twist and explores a murder case that stretches from Victorian 1890s London to the post-techno apocalypse of 2050. The first Netflix teaser now reveals the start date.

Somber Netflix teaser reveals start date of time-travel crime series Bodies

Bodies – S01 Teaser Trailer (English) HD

In the British Netflix series Bodies, four investigators from different eras are confronted with the same murder case. Whether in the year 1890, 1941, 2023 or in the future of the year 2053: In each time plane, the body of the same man is discovered in the London Borough of Whitechapel. Is there a time traveling killer behind it? This is one of the many puzzles to be solved in Bodies.

The series is based on a Comic template by Si Spencer from 2015, which was released by the DC imprint Vertigo. In addition to Stephen Graham (Boradwalk Empire), the exciting cast also includes Shira Haas, known from the Netflix series Unorthodox, and Kyle Soller, who most recently delighted Andor as Syril Karn in the Star Wars series. Other main actors: Jacob Fortune-Lloyd (The Queen’s Gambit) and Amaka Okafor (The Responder)

Series creator Paul Tomalin is behind the Netflix adaptation. The German filmmaker Marco Kreuzpaintner, who most recently directed the thriller Der Fall Collini with Elyas M’Barek and several episodes of the British time travel series The Lazarus Project, is responsible for directing.

When will the time travel thriller Bodies be available on Netflix?

All eight hour-long episodes of the new Bodies series will be on Netflix on October 19, 2023 published. Since the unusual crime format is a mini-series, you don’t have to worry that the series could be canceled prematurely after one season. (You can find an overview of all Netflix cancellations in 2023 here)

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