First trailer for The Chemistry of Death starring Harry Potter star

First trailer for The Chemistry of Death starring Harry Potter

Anyone with even the slightest interest in crime novels shouldn’t have missed Simon Beckett’s David Hunter series. The first two books in the book series have now been published as Simon Beckett’s The Chemistry of Death filmed and start on January 12, 2023 at Paramount+. Now there is a first trailer. And a Harry Potter star is also on board.

Serial killers and spontaneous combustion: David Hunter investigates in The Chemistry of Death

As a crime series, The Chemistry of Death does not place a police officer at the center of the thriller narrative, but rather a forensic anthropologist: David Hunter is a scientific one cadaver expertwho can draw precise conclusions about the cause and time of death based on the degree of decomposition, the type of maggot in the dead flesh, the bone examination and other observations after the end of life.

Watch the long trailer of The Chemistry of Death on Paramount+ here

The Chemistry of Death – S01 Trailer (German) HD

However, after personal trauma, David Hunter retired to a small English village and became a country doctor. Only when in his new home several women are murdered and their bodies horribly preparedfor better or for worse, he must put his old talent back into the service of the law.

The novels The Chemistry of Death *and Cold Ashes* are the inspiration for Season 1 of The Chemistry of Death. The series also covers David Hunter’s second case, which takes him to a deserted Scottish island to find out if there is one charred corpse ignited without any outside intervention has or is more behind it.

Series cast with Harry Potter star: Who you may already know from The Chemistry of Death

The cast of the new crime series includes Harry Treadaway (Penny Dreadful, Star Trek: Picard) as David Hunter also the German Jeanne Goursaud (barbarians) as well Douglas Russell (Game of Thrones). Harry Potter fans will also Katie Leung (Periphery) who played in the series around the magic student whose first love was Cho Chang.


The Chemistry of Death: Harry Potter Star Katie Leung

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Do you know the crime thrillers of The Chemistry of Death and are you looking forward to the series?