first stir at the RN after the election of Jordan Bardella

first stir at the RN after the election of Jordan

Jordan Bardella was elected yesterday, Saturday, president of the National Rally at the age of 27 with nearly 85% of the votes against the mayor of Perpignan, Louis Aliot. Jordan Bardella, who had acted as the party’s interim president for more than a year, officially succeeds Marine Le Pen. In the midst of a controversy over the racist remarks of deputy Grégoire de Fournas, it is the hard line that wins with the arrival of Jordan Bardella. Enough to create a stir internally.

Jordan Bardella has been officially president of the National Rally for a few minutes, when Steve Briois publishes a press release.

The mayor of Hénin-Beaumont, a sailor of the first hour, announces his eviction from the governing bodies of the party. And he denounces, at the microphone of Pierrick Bonnofrom the political service of RFI, a radicalization of the line: “ We still had a fairly moderate line, of course we have to talk about important things such as the identity of the country, but we also have to talk about social issues, but I have the impression that here we are reviewing the strategy movement, our positioning, that’s not how we’ll get there. »

The deputy of Pas-de-Calais, Bruno Bilde, follows suit. In a café a stone’s throw from the Maison de la Mutualité where the congress is being held, he tells the press about the disagreements within the party: ” With Jordan Bardella, we will only talk about immigration and identity “, warns the deputy. In his first speech as the new party chairman, Jordan Bardella had in fact insisted on this dossier. ” For us, immigration must be drastically regulated “, had hammered the new president of the RN.

Radicalism in words rather than in ideas corrects party cadres. According to Sébastien Chenu, RN vice-president of the Assembly, Jordan Bardella is in line with Marine Le Pen: “ Jordan says things, maybe it’s also generational, with probably fewer filters than many leaders of political apparatuses… but Marine Le Pen was already like that “, concedes Sébastien Chenu.

According to the mayor of Fréjus, David Rachline, there is only one line at the RN: ” I say that there are no divergences, that there can be nuances. There are people like me who are a little more sovereignist than others, for example, others who are more focused on issues related to identity or security. It can happen in the context of congresses, there are a certain number of debates: sometimes we come to an agreement, sometimes a little less. I believe the election was clear, Jordan was overwhelmingly elected. »

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This Sunday morning, the new authorities of the party meet for the first time around Jordan Bardella. And some chairs will remain empty.