First statement from Sweden after Turkey canceled meetings indefinitely: We want to return to dialogue

First statement from Sweden after Turkey canceled meetings indefinitely We

Turkey was initially opposed to the membership of Sweden and Finland, which came to the fore with NATO membership last year. Later, a tripartite agreement was signed between the three countries. After the recent scandals in Sweden, Turkey announced that it has canceled meetings with the two countries indefinitely. After Turkey’s critical decision, the first statement came from Sweden. Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson said some did not understand how serious Sweden’s joining NATO was and that provocateurs were trying to block Sweden’s membership.


Swedish Prime Minister Kristersson, Foreign Minister Tobias Billström and Defense Minister Pal Jonson held a joint press conference in Stockholm.

Stating that Sweden had the most serious security problem after the Second World War, Kristersson said, “Some do not understand how serious Sweden’s participation in NATO is. Provocateurs are trying to prevent Sweden’s membership. We want to return to a functioning dialogue with Turkey. Turkey makes its own decisions, we have to respect that, we want to calm this process.” used the phrases.

Pointing out that Finland wants to join NATO together with Sweden, Kristersson said, “Finland still wants to join NATO together with Sweden. If Sweden is prevented from joining NATO, this will prevent Finland from joining NATO alone. does not constitute.” said.


Referring to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s latest statements regarding Sweden, Kristersson said, “I will not comment on Erdoğan’s statement. I don’t think anyone interpreted it as ‘Erdoğan closed the door’.” claimed.

Stressing that Sweden wants to speak openly about NATO membership, Kristersson said:

“28 countries have made individual decisions about Sweden’s and Finland’s NATO membership, Turkey makes her own decision. Sweden requires a functioning dialogue for us to comply with the agreement between Finland and Turkey, and that’s not strange. Otherwise, the consequences for Swedish security.” there is.”



Swedish Foreign Minister Billström referred to the burning of the Holy Quran in front of the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm and said:

“The burning of books has a very dark history. To state this is not to try to belittle Turkey. There are harsh reactions in Turkey and other countries where protests are held, such as Afghanistan and Pakistan. There are voices on social media that want to boycott Swedish goods. The government is closely watching the situation. following.”

Swedish Defense Minister Jonson also stated that his efforts for Sweden’s membership in NATO will continue and this will add a lot to Sweden’s NATO security.


Rasmus Paludan, the leader of the Danish far-right Strict Direction Party, burned the Quran in front of the Stockholm Embassy in Sweden on January 21 in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, and no one was allowed to approach Paludan during the action held under the protection of the crowded police.

The Swedish government’s permission to burn the Qur’an in Paludan was reacted by many Islamic countries, especially Turkey.

Edwin Wagensveld, the leader of the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West (PEGIDA) movement in the Netherlands, tore the Qur’an in an action he carried out alone in The Hague. (AA)