First reviews of the second season of House of the Dragon are full of enthusiasm

First reviews of the second season of House of the

In a week, the second season of the Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon will start on HBO and Sky Germany. Often, it is only with the next season that a series finds its feet and shows whether it really lands or squanders its suggested potential.

First reviews of the new episodes of the fantasy series are reassuringly largely positive out of.

“A masterful second act”: House of the Dragon Season 2 largely convinces critics

Meghan O’Keefe writes in her glowing review at Decider:

For fans of Westeros – with incestuous soap opera, lavish worldbuilding, and theatrical tragedy – House of the Dragon Season 2 delivers everything you love and more. It’s me, Claudius, emperor and god with movie monsters, medieval history with magic.

Louise Griffin expresses herself equally enthusiastically in the UK magazine Radio Times under the headline “A masterful second act” out of:

The first half of the second season will masterfully handled and takes the time to not only reacquaint us with key characters, but also those who will become more important in the future. It’s slower paced but never boring, action-packed but deep, violent but beautiful.


Matt Smith in House of the Dragon

According to Therese Lacson at Collider, the new season even manages to surprise book connoisseurs:

Season 2 keeps book readers interested by rewriting certain aspects and elaborating on controversial events, and delves deeper into the psyche of our main characters. The season is full of unexpected twists, including surprising plots, character pairings and appearances.

Alan Sepinwall of Rolling Stone, for example, takes a more critical view, as he cannot have found season 1 particularly royal:

The good news is, for people who were happy with what HotD offered last time, it’s the same series as before, even a little better in some ways. Only those who were hoping for a substantial growth curve will be denied, like Rhaenyra in the case of the Iron Throne.When will the second season of the fantasy series House of the Dragon start?

The second season of House of the Dragon will be broadcast on HBO on Sunday, June 16, 2024 – in the Night of Monday, June 17, 2024 The first episode will be shown simultaneously on Sky Deutschland and WOW. There will be eight new episodes.