First reviews for the 28 thousand TL Apple Watch Ultra

First reviews for the 28 thousand TL Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch The first reviews for it were recently published. The ambitious smart watch is unfortunately very, very expensive in Turkey.

to all the details here The most ambitious smartwatch model signed by Apple Apple Watch The overseas-based inspection embargo has been lifted. Reviews from many YouTubers clearly demonstrate what the watch is capable of. Designed specifically for all athletes and adventure enthusiasts, the smartwatch received generally good reviews, but It was emphasized that it did not appeal to everyone.. While it is reported that many people will not take full advantage of the watch, the overall experience offered is extremely good. Comments on the size of the watch vary from person to person.

For those who missed the product dual temperature sensors and about this sensor apple he himself states: “The Apple Watch Ultra takes a unique approach to temperature sensing with its dual-sensor design. One of the sensors is on the back of the watch, closest to the skin, and the other is just below the screen. Thus, the deviations caused by the external environment are reduced. Wrist temperature measured at night can be a good indicator of overall body temperature.

The sensors in the Watch Ultra check wrist temperature every five seconds during sleep and can measure changes as small as 0.1°C. Users can see the changes in the reference temperature from night to night depending on factors such as exercise, fatigue after air travel, or even illness in the Health application.”


As we learned last week These sensors can measure the water / sea temperature as well as the wearer.. The watch, which can show this directly on the big screen with a brightness of 2,000 nits, pleases swimmers and divers with this information. can. Data such as water temperature can be useful in choosing the thickness of the suit for dives.

for the product “Inspired by travelers and athletes around the world, we have developed an entirely new category of Apple Watch designed for new and extreme environments, creating the most durable and capable Apple Watch ever.” declaring Apple COO Jeff Williams He continued: “The Apple Watch Ultra is a versatile tool that empowers users to push the boundaries of adventure, endurance and exploration.”