First reactions to new SF film with Kylo Ren sound great

Legendary The Godfather director Francis Ford Coppola may be on the verge of releasing his greatest masterpiece. The SF film Megalopolis with Adam Driver is receiving great reactions from early viewers.

Respected director Francis Ford Coppola has created a new work, an epic sci-fi epic. With masterpieces like The Godfather and Apocalypse Now, Coppola has already secured a permanent place in film history.

What kind of new SF film is this? His latest project is called Megalopolis and stars Star Wars star Adam Driver, who won the hearts of many fans as Kylo Ren, among others.

The film was recently screened in Los Angeles to select audiences and the response has been extremely promising.

There is no trailer for Megalopolis yet, but you can watch a trailer for the classic The Godfather here:

The Godfather – Trailer (German)

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What is the film even about? Megalopolis tells the story of a fictional version of New York. The city is in ruins after a catastrophe. An idealistic architect (played by Adam Driver) wants to build a new utopian one out of the destroyed city.

But he encounters resistance from the mayor (played by Giancarlo Esposito), who would rather keep control of his city and return to its original state – with the help of corruption and at the expense of the lower class.

Another storyline revolves around the mayor’s daughter, Julia, played by Nathalie Emmanuel, who stands between the two men and is looking for meaning in her own life.

Fun fact: Francis Ford Coppola had the idea for Megalopolis while filming Apocalypse Now (1979), which was over 40 years ago.

A look at the master director’s new sci-fi film

What is the impression?? Journalists were also among the select audience, including Deadline editor Mike Fleming Jr, who shares his first impression. He emphasizes that Coppola’s new film presents a wealth of ideas that cleverly connect the past with the future. An epic and extremely visual story unfolds – made for the IMAX screen.

The editor also reveals the following:

It covers complex topics in a remarkably short two hours and 13 minutes, not counting the credits.

Mike Fleming Jr

What else is being said? Jordan Ruimy from Word of Reel describes Megalopolis as anything but an ordinary entertainment film. He emphasizes that the film offers a fascinating and unique experience. Ruimy describes it as visually captivating and an extended cinema that requires constant attention to follow the action.

He compares the film to the experimental cinema of the 60s and emphasizes that it is characterized by its personal nature. Ruimy emphasizes that Megalopolis is not like any other film.

He compares the film to One from the Heart by Coppola. Megalopolis feels similar. Like a film set in a surreal world, a metropolis, possibly in the distant future. However, the film does not give a clear indication of the time period in which the action takes place.

When is the film released? Megalopolis is expected to hit theaters sometime in 2024. But the exact date is not yet known. There is no trailer for the film yet.

Francis Ford Coppola has revealed that Megalopolis will not be his last work, according to Mike Fleming Jr.’s article. The 84-year-old director has already started a new film project.

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