First picture of Börje Salming in the new TV series about the hockey icon – and the beloved Swede gets a big role

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It is already common knowledge that Börje Salming will get his own TV series.
Filming is already underway in Toronto and now the very first image has been released.
There it is also revealed that popular actress Hedda Stiernstedt gets a major role.

Already in April 2021, the TV channel Viaplay announced that they will make a TV series about the hockey icon Börje Salmings life. Immediately it was clear that Amir Chamdin director and actor Walter Skarsgård starring as a young Salming.

Salming’s TV series

Then the Beverly Hills star also has Jason Priestley connected to the TV series. And now more names will come when it is clear that Oscar Skagerberg plays Börje’s brother Stig Salming and Pelle Holmström do the role of the teammate Inge Hammarström.

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STOCKHOLM 20220913 Actor Valter Skarsgård photographed at the Grand Hotel in connection with the recording of the viaplay series about Börje Salming. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg / TT / code 10080

But the very biggest acting name of them all is Hedda Stiernstedt which is now ready for the TV series, as revealed by the very first image from the shoot which you can see below. She has become popular in Sweden after leading roles in the acclaimed “Our time is now” and the new film about “Jönssonligan”.

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The first image

Now Stiernstedt will play Börje’s first wife Margitta Wendinlater Salming, who moved with Salming to North America in the 70s.
“This is a strong story about two brave people who throw themselves into the unknown during a time when very few Swedes moved to that part of the world,” says the actress in a press release.

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STOCKHOLM 20190408 Börje Salming photographed at a press conference in Radiohuset in Stockholm ahead of SVT’s program “History of Hockey”. Photo: Stina Stjernkvist / TT Code 11610

Filming for the TV series is currently underway in Toronto and the very first image has been released of Valter Skarsgård and Hedda Stiernstedt as Mr. and Mrs. Salming, see it below. The TV series about Börje Salming is expected to premiere on Viaplay next year.

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See the picture:

2022-09-06 Hedda and Valter in Viaplay’s series about Börje Salmin. Photo: Viaplay/Jenny Unnegård / TT/ Handout / code 10500 **MANDATORY BYLINE: / ** **Only for editorial use. The image comes from an external source and is distributed in its original form as a service to our subscribers**