First orbital test for SpaceX Starship and Super Heavy Booster coming soon

First orbital test for SpaceX Starship and Super Heavy Booster

According to the statement made by Elon Musk SpaceX Starship and Super Heavy Booster The first orbital test for it is coming soon.

SpaceX, He is currently doing very important work for the space future of mankind. At the center of these studies is the main driving force. Super Heavy Booster and in front SpaceX Starship is located. The firm will take mankind to the Moon and Mars starship the first stage to carry the spacecraft out of the world Super Heavy Boosterwith its version named “7” It carries 33 different Raptor 2 engines.

Here is this important couple, SpaceX Starship and Super Heavy Booster, According to Elon Musk’s statement, the first orbital flight test is most likely It will be out in November. Right now Super Heavy Booster performing numerous static ignition tests in particular (fixedly) the firm is now fully ready for its first real orbital demonstration. it seems.

Even SpaceX You can also try before November. At the end of October, a take-off attempt may be on the agenda. It is said that in this orbital experiment starship It will make a trip around the Earth and then vertically land.

Spacecraft vital to SpaceX’s future starshipas we said above, developed by the company Raptor 2 based on rocket engines. from Raptor 1 put together with far fewer parts engine, thus lighter, smaller and easier to manufacture.

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SpaceX for each of the engineers 250 tons of power The rocket engine, which they think they can force for the first time, can be ready for take-off within hours and can be produced close to 50 percent cheaper than Raptor 1. Like SpaceX, Falcon 9 starship and Super Heavy Booster‘I It is designed in a reusable structure.


Will be the strongest in the field starship together with Elon Musk and company SpaceX, He wants to cross borders and take mankind to Mars. In fact, Musk has a book on the red planet. There is also the goal of establishing a human colony..

However, this process will not be so easy or in a short time. According to Musk’s calculations, there will be many, many departures for the self-sustaining human community on Mars.Forecasts point to 20 different departures per week for 10 years) will be needed.