Fire Emblem Engage: the return of a prodigy license on Switch? The press tests

Fire Emblem Engage the return of a prodigy license on

The seventeenth entry in its franchise, Fire Emblem Engage once again proves its dominance in the turn-based tactical RPG genre. A success relayed massively in the specialized press.

[Mis à jour le 19 janvier 2023 à 10h43] Since its first release in 1990, Fire Emblem has established itself as a pillar of the video game industry. A license that quickly became legendary and has long been associated with the golden age of turn-based tactical RPGs. Thirty-two years and 15 episodes later, here we are on Nintendo Switch with the release of Fire Emblem Engage. A novelty that seems to live up to its reputation, placing itself in line with a series of video games like no other. The press seems in any case conquered by this explosive exclusivity.

Barely a few hours before its release, Fire Emblem Engage has already won the hearts of the video game press. The game peaks at an excellent 83/100 overall rating on Metacritic (average from a total of 66 critics as of January 19, 2023), making a release just below its predecessor Fire Emblem Three Houses (89/100). The game is generally acclaimed for its risk-taking and the depth brought to the fights by the Emblems system, although the ergonomics of its menus are once again slightly criticized. The fluidity of the fights and the fan service provided by the appearance of former heroes of the franchise also make it an excellent release, according to several reputable newspapers.

On the French side, we can cite JVC, which gives it a very good 17/20. The newspaper praises the game for its relevant style adapted to the Nintendo Switch, while praising the fluidity and accessibility of the fights: “With Fire Emblem Engage, the Nintendo Switch offers itself a first quality exclusivity at the start of 2023. Like Three Houses, the fights are always fluid and accessible, and even benefit from spectacular animations which reinforce the pleasure of play. It’s more by its not always practical menus and its classic and more commanding story than Three Houses that the experience is a bit shaky.

Across the Channel and across the Atlantic, the opinions are also very positive. IGN gives it 9/10: “Fire Emblem Engage proves itself to live up to its legacy, a legacy it honors so well.” while the renowned Destructoid also gives it 9/10: “When Fire Emblem Engage was announced, I was worried about its visual style, but I quickly grew to like it as soon as I saw it in action. The strategic passages are fluid, the customization elements are deep and I am definitely sensitive to the finesse of the fan-service offered to us with the appearance of former heroes of the franchise.

Let’s start with the most important, Fire Emblem Engage will be released on January 20, 2023 on Nintendo Switch. The game was developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo, and ranks as the seventeenth installment in a franchise that is more than thirty years old. Of course, the game retains all the mechanics that have made its identity and success over the past 30 years, and clings to the fantasy tactical-RPG genre. You will be immersed in the heart of the continent of Elyos, in the shoes of a hero or a heroine like no other. A new scenario and gameplay that will undoubtedly satisfy fans of the franchise.

If Fire Emblem is the seventeenth chapter in the history of its franchise, it still intends to shake up conventions by bringing new elements to its gameplay. Of course, the game retains its traditional turn-based formula with movement, with two visual layers during combat, the tactical map seen from above and combat animations more realistic than ever. Fire Emblem Engage also adds the principle of Emblem Rings allowing you to summon and bind some of the franchise’s most famous heroes to your characters. To do this, you will need to collect the twelve Rings during your journey. These rings give you more options in battle and especially allow you to find Marth, Ike, Celica, Roy and many other fan favorite characters.

Fire Emblem Engage will be available on January 20, and you can still pre-order the game to enjoy various benefits. Nintendo has already put this new release on sale by offering players who wish to pre-order to collect a poster or a pin in addition to their game. The A2 poster is available free of charge in addition to your pre-order on the Fnac website.

Fire Emblem Engage releases January 20, 2023 exclusively for Nintendo Switch