Finns’ changed NATO stance noticed in the world – as well as Alko’s decision to put Russian vodka sales on ice

Finns changed NATO stance noticed in the world as

Many international media outlets have reminded us that Finland has the EU’s longest border with Russia.

The change in the NATO position of Finns revealed by ‘s survey has been noticed around the world.

According to the magazine, the atmosphere in Finland is tense.

Politico, like many other international media outlets, reminds us that Finland has the EU’s longest border with Russia.

News agency: “Historical change in attitudes”

The news agencies Reuters and AFP have also reported on the matter.

“The only significant change is that Russia has attacked its non-NATO neighbor,” says a senior researcher at the Foreign Policy Institute. Charly Salonius-Pasternak To AFP.

AFP also raised the issue of Alko, which has decided to suspend sales of Russian products.

The Independent does not mention in your follow-up (you will switch to another service) Finland’s changed NATO stance, but reported on Alko’s actions under the headline that Finland would stop selling Russian vodka because it was threatened with “serious military consequences” if the country joins NATO.

According to the Independent, vodka is very popular in Finland.

In Russia, attention is still limited

In Russia, Finland’s changed position has not received much attention in online media, at least not yet, says ‘s Russian correspondent Erkka Mikkonen.

According to Mikkonen, the citizens’ initiative on NATO membership a couple of days ago received much more attention.

An official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also present in both Marija Zaharovan a warning that the possible accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO would have serious military and political consequences that would require reciprocal action from Russia.

Financial Times: Increased NATO support a blow to Putin

– The impossible may become possible, comments the former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt I take an opinion poll according to the Financial Times.