Finnish swimming history! Veera Kivirinta and Ida Hulkko surprised even themselves – “Great opportunity†| Sport

It even feels a bit like a dream the

Veera Kivirinta and Ida Hulkko I will see the 50 meter breaststroke final in the long course World Championships. Kivirinta was sixth in the semi-finals in Doha with a time of 30.57, and Hulkko reached Sunday’s final last, i.e. eighth, with a time of 30.69.

The Finns made history, because two blue and white swimmers have never been seen in the long course World Cup final at the same time.

Lithuania was the fastest in the heats Ruta Meilutyte with a time of 29.42.

For Kivirinna, 28, the final is the first of her World Cup career on a long track. In the first round, the clocks stopped at 30.53.

– It’s nice to be able to swim for the third time, and now let’s make the most of the trip, whatever we can. We still have a little to do to get the perfect weather for tomorrow’s swim.

– The swimming works for the first 35 meters at least, and when these are the first long course races of the season, the thoughts seem to start running away in the last 15 meters.

Kivirinta went to the games without big time goals because of the early time, but the times have been satisfactory anyway.

– They are even better than I expected. It’s harder to swim when hungry, and if the pieces really click into place, there’s a chance to swim even better.

The swimmer, who works as a police officer in Helsinki and has combined a challenging dual career, at least for now, has talked about his dream of winning a prestigious competition medal. At the World Cup level, it is more difficult than at the European Championship, and you don’t go to the final to take any kind of pressure.

– Let’s go and enjoy. I hope you feel a little better, it has felt a little like a disease is coming.

Hulkko exceeded his expectations

Hulkko, 25, the silver medalist at the EC long course three years ago, was badly disappointed on Monday when he already qualified for the preliminaries in the 100-meter breaststroke. Today the pace was found, and in the heat he swam the third best time of his career, 30.36.

– After Monday, I would not have believed that we would be standing here in the World Cup final after a 4.5 year break. Little by little, the training has worn off and you can find your own way. I am extremely proud of myself and the whole team that Veera and I still get to enjoy the final, Hulkko stated.

– In the morning there was an extremely great swim, and there was peace and relaxation for a long time. We were at the same pace in the evening, but with a wrong move to the finish, more heart palpitations were caused than needed. Fortunately, the hundredths were on my side.

Hulko’s last few years have not been a bed of roses, and the place in the final shows that the right things are being done in training.

– Work has been done for a long time after the Tokyo Olympic year. The main goal is in Paris, and the World Cup final is a great opportunity. It’s great to share it with Veera and make swimming history.

The last time the duo swam in the honors finals was at the same time in Abu Dhabi, when both were in the short course World Cup finals in 2021.

– It is more fun to go swimming alone and represent Finland. We had fun even before the race, and the spirit remains high, Kivirinta was happy.

The roommates prepare for the final in a relaxed manner.

– I try to sleep as long as I can. Let’s rewind, then I’ll probably eat candy and play Hogwarts Legacy on Nintendo. If that’s it, Kivirinta laughed.

Hulkko believes that sleep will not come right before the final.

– I can at least listen to Veera play from the bed next to me, if nothing else, and I will never be bored with her. The evening will certainly be long, there is so much adrenaline and caffeine in the body. So there will be a lot of fun in our room, Hulkko said.

The broadcast of Sunday’s evening races starts on Sunday at Areena at 17:55.