Finnish Imane Saadounen’s younger brother sentenced to death was freed as part of a prisoner exchange between Ukraine and Russia – “He got out of hell”

The younger brother who was a prisoner of war is

Moroccan Brahim Saadoune is one of those freed in the largest prisoner exchange between Ukraine and Russia to date. His Finnish sister pursued her death row brother’s case for months.

– I thought this was impossible, Imane Saadoune says Yelle on the phone.

Moroccan-born Finn Saadoune has driven his little brother Brahim Saadounen matter for months. reported on Brahim Saadounen’s situation at the beginning of July.

Brahim Saadoune, who fought in the Ukrainian forces, was a prisoner of war in the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic in eastern Ukraine since April. At the beginning of June, the “judicial institution” of the occupied area sentenced Brahim Saadounen and two British soldiers to death.

Western countries have said that the trial was a show staged by Russia.

Now Brahim Saadoune and nine other foreign foreign fighters have been released as part of the largest prisoner exchange between Ukraine and Russia to date.

Imane Saadoune received the first, still fragile, information through various channels about his brother’s release on Wednesday evening. Acted as a broker at the time Saudi Arabia announced (you will switch to another service)also about the release of ten foreign prisoners of war.

The older sister knew in advance that the brother was on the so-called prisoner exchange list. Among others, Saudi Arabia and Ukrainian actors have influenced behind the scenes. However, many details related to the release of Brahim Saadounen are shrouded in obscurity.

At the moment, Imane Saadoune only knows that the little brother is in Saudi Arabia.

– Now I can state publicly that he got out of hell, says Imane Saadoune.

Imane has not been in contact with Saadoune through official channels, at least so far. He is still worried about his brother’s safety.

The wait for big sister has been long. He still has to wait to talk to his brother. It’s been months since the last call.

Imane Saadoune knows what she wants to say to her brother when the phone finally rings.

– I’m not going to give up on your relationship. Whatever the case may be. I can’t wait to see you again.

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