Finnish boxing star Edis Tatli ends his career – the adversities of the last few years finally took away the victory from the two-time champion

Finnish boxing star Edis Tatli ends his career the

Two-time European lightweight champion of professional boxing Edis Tatli,35, tells Urheilu that he is ending his career. Tatli, who comes from Kosovo, is undoubtedly one of the best Finnish professional boxers of all time.

As the main reason for quitting, Tatli cites the constant uncertainty of the past years regarding the realization of future matches. During the last years of his career, Tatli has also suffered from several injuries that required surgery, but was always able to return to match condition.

Last December, Tatli was supposed to take on Italy for the third European championship in Helsinki Gianluca Ceglia against, but the match event was canceled at the very end. The organizers of the event stated that the reason for the cancellation was the financial risks caused by the corona situation.

– Canceled matches and injuries over the course of three years confirmed my decision to hang up the gloves once and for all, Tatli tells Urheilu.

– When you prepare for a long upcoming match, you push yourself really hard, lose weight, spar hard and then the match is cancelled. It eventually eats away at motivation.

Tatli competed in his previous and professional career for the last time in 2019 in Savonlinna’s Olavinlinna, victoriously against Costa Rica Berman Sanchez against.

– After that match, I said out loud to my loved ones for the first time that I was quitting. The feeling for boxing seemed to have disappeared, Tatli reveals.

Tatli says that he received a really good offer from the United States right after the match he won in Savonlinna, but that he refused the offer.

– The preparation time for the offered match would have been only two weeks. I would have had to lose up to ten kilos. On top of the above, there would have been travel and time difference stress.

You can’t box at the top level without an inner spark

Pekka Mäki has worked as Edis Tatli’s manager and coach throughout this professional career.

Mäki and Tatli’s long and close journey together in professional boxing can fit a lot. Mäki is clearly upset by Tatli’s decision, but says that Tatli made the right decision.

– It’s sad when a talented athlete ends his career. I would have hoped that Edis would have continued, because he would have had opportunities to succeed if he had wanted to. On the other hand, I completely understand that after the hardships of the last few years, he decides to stop.

– Tatli made two hard preparations for the EC matches and both were canceled at the very last minute. The first time I broke my thumb and the second time I got Omikron, Mäki regrets.

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Mäki says that Tatli has always been an exemplary athlete and an important role model for many young people. The coach hopes to see the two-time European champion in boxing in the future, possibly in the field of coaching.

– I will miss Ed, but without an inner spark you can’t box at the top level.

– Boxing cannot be done mentally or physically with half lights on, but it is a tough and dangerous sport. Edis can be proud of his career and achievements.

The level of Finnish professional boxing is far from its peak years

Finnish professional boxing was at its peak in the early 2000s, at that time there were emerging contenders for championship matches in several weight classes at the same time, and even the big match events were filled with spectators, time after time. At the moment, the situation in professional boxing is completely different.

With the termination of Tatli, there is a big vacuum at the top level of Finnish professional boxing, and there are currently no new professionals of sufficient quality in sight. For Finns, the chances of succeeding in international title matches rest only in the heavyweight division of Robert Helenius in reserve.

When asked about the reasons for the weak current state of professional boxing in Finland, Tatli is the first to mention the lack of a united spirit. Next on the list are insufficient financial resources.

– I think boxers should be supported more, right from the beginning of their careers. We currently do not have enough organizations in Finland in connection with boxing. The European championship level is already a really hard achievement with these current resources, says Tatli.

The European lightweight champion, who is ending his career, has personally gotten to see how things are done at the top of professional boxing. Tatli admits that he should have left Finland for the world in time to promote his career.

– That step should have been taken already after the first EU championship in 2012. There are excellent opportunities to start boxing in Finland, but from here you have to go abroad in time to develop, says Tatli.

– In the world, we only aim for the top level, everything is done to a really high quality and finish, there are plenty of high-quality coaches and training opponents. In Finland, with these resources, it is difficult to keep only sports at the center of life, says Tatli.

Finland is the best country, here you can become anything you want

Edis Tatli moved with his family from Kosovo to Finland in 1992. In his junior years, he played football and karate at the same time. Tatli started boxing at the age of 14 in Hämeenlinna. The athletically gifted Tatli fought his first junior match, after practicing boxing for only three weeks.

– I have been well received in Finland since I was a little boy. The atmosphere here has been encouraging. Finland is the best country that gives all the opportunities in every way, including in sports. Here you can become anything, it all depends on your own attitude. Finland is my home and I have always proudly carried the Finnish flag.

Edis Tatli

  • Age: 35
  • Place of birth: Prizren, Kosovo
  • Hometown: Vantaa
  • Weight category: lightweight category under 61.2 kg
  • A total of 35 matches as a professional, 3 losses
  • Coach: Pekka Mäki
  • Best achievements as an amateur: Silver in the Tammer Tournament and victory in the Gee Bee tournament.
  • As a professional, two-time European lightweight champion, EU champion, WBA Intercontinental title.
  • Second Finn in the 2014 World Championship match (previously Olli Mäki in 1962)
  • Family: Wife and two children
  • The future is still open

    Tatli says that long distance boxing has taught him a lot. He mentions discipline, self-confidence and not giving up as the most important. Until now, he couldn’t even imagine living a day without boxing.

    At the moment, Tatli holds private lessons in fitness boxing and practices his own fitness at the gym. Free time is filled with his wife and two children. Future plans are not yet clear. However, one thing is clear, Tatli’s name will be engraved in the history books of Finnish professional boxing as one of the best ever.

    – Until now, boxing has been my whole life, and I still don’t know about the future. I want to watch at least this autumn in peace and then make decisions. Everything in life has the same recipe, it’s hard dedication 24 hours a day, but you have to enjoy what you do, says Tatli.

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