Finland’s EC sensation Nina Chydenius threw a thorn in the home stands and apologized to her family | Sport

Finlands EC sensation Nina Chydenius threw a thorn in the

Nina Chydenius broke her record by half a minute, even though she was in pain a week ago. The 34-year-old runner apologized to his family in an interview with .

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Nina Chydenius made a huge record improvement in the 10,000 meters at the European Athletics Championships in Rome.

Chydenius knocked half a minute off the record he ran in April (32:48.20) and clocked the rest of the time in 32:16.85. The record has improved tremendously, because even last season his record was 33:23.17.

– This was better than I expected. I know that I can run well in big races, but I didn’t think about this kind of race, the result and the place, Chydenius started confused.

The top speed was enough for the eighth place in the EC final.

– I got all three: it was a really good feeling, a good ranking and a record. You don’t even get a run like this every year, but today it came, he continued.

You can succeed even if you are half fit

The value of Chydenius’ record improvement is enhanced by the fact that he was still sick a week before the European Championships. At that time, he could not expect to be able to run the way he has now seen in Rome.

According to the 34-year-old runner, the result was a good example that even from uncertain starting points, the result can be either a failure or a performance like he was capable of in Rome.

– This is the motivation for all of us. If there was a bit of luck and a good day, that result could come. That’s why all of us Finns are here. We are trying because this is an opportunity, Chydenius said.

According to Chydenius, his day could also have been such that he would have stopped the race.

– That’s why this is a good reminder to all those watching the games that you can sometimes succeed better than with normal preparation.

Chydenius was furious and sad

Chydenius said he went to the competition to get the right feeling without looking at the clock. He started calmly as he had planned and found the feeling he was looking for.

– This stadium is crazy and the track is a dream. Everything just clicked today. I’m really glad I found peace.

According to the endurance runner, even a week ago the situation at home was very different.

– I apologize to my whole family. When you’re in pain before the most important competitions, you can see it at home. I was basically furious and then I was sad. And then again there was a little hope. Thanks to them I am here. I wouldn’t have been able to do this alone, Chydenius thanked.

The commotion at the start calmed down

The competition was preceded by the start shuffle, already familiar from the European Championships in Rome. The runners took the starting position several times, but the starting shot was not heard or it was heard too early.

According to Chydenius, the starting shuffle even relaxed before the performance.

– It took away the tension when basically three times were sent. I’ve never been in that situation. At that point, I thought maybe we’ll go next time. It even calmed down, Chydenius described.

Italy celebrated the European championship Nadia Battocletti in his country’s record time of 30:51,32. The Netherlands took silver Diane van Es and for bronze Britain Megan Keith. Battocletti also ran the Italian record.