find candidate scores in your city

find candidate scores in your city

This Sunday, June 9, the results of the European elections are given for the whole of France. But the figures differ depending on the locality. Find the results by departments and municipalities.

This Sunday, June 9, the results of the European elections will make it possible to redefine the composition of the European Parliament for the next five years. All citizens of the 27 member countries of the European Union nominate their representatives, a total of 720 elected officials. In France, 81 candidates will become MEPs for the next term. Who are they ? You have to wait until 8 p.m. to consider the first results and find out how many elected officials each political party has.

All the results are given on, on our major live broadcast dedicated to the European elections. The first results are national estimates, with the number of MEPs by party. But other results are available, in particular those which give the votes cast in each department and in each city. Thanks to our map found below, it is possible to consult the results of the European elections in each territory.

Results department by department

European result Haute-Garonne







Far right

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The results are transmitted by the services of the Ministry of the Interior. They give the percentage of votes for each candidate list in these European elections in France, to be consulted in each city. The differences are therefore sometimes significant between municipalities. Remember that a list only has deputies if it collects at least 5% of the votes cast nationally. A list can collect significantly more in one city and significantly less on the national count.