Figure skater Jenni Saarinen, 23, ends her competition career – a long-awaited decision brought her emotions to the surface: “Relieved but wistful feeling”

Figure skater Jenni Saarinen 23 ends her competition career

Figure skater Jenni Saarinen, who ended her competitive career, said that she had matured her decision for a long time.

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Figure skater Jenni Saarinen end his racing career. Saarinen, 23, told about his decision after the free program of the GP competitions in Espoo.

– One of the reasons is that I could no longer find the same fire and passion for skating. I no longer enjoyed everyday training as much as I should have, Saarinen told Urheilu.

Saarinen finished as the best Finn at the Espoo GP in ninth place with 155.64 points, even though the free program score was six points short of Saarinen’s season best.

– Emotions are on the surface. Relieved, but at the same time, of course, feeling a little wistful. It’s been quite a difficult day. I’ve managed to cry every now and then. I somehow managed to keep it together, but it wasn’t a good performance, Saarinen said.

Reigning Finnish champion Saarinen represented Finland last season at the Olympic Games and at the World and European Championships. He was 25th in the Olympic and World Championships, 18th in the European Championships.

– I bet that I have already achieved my biggest dreams and skated in the final of the Olympic Games. That’s why it was more difficult to start the season and I got sick in the summer.

– It’s a little sad that I wasn’t able to show my full potential in a competitive situation. But it’s a sport, Saarinen said.

“There are other things in life”

Saarinen said that quitting had been on his mind for a long time. The final decision had been made on Monday, and Saarinen had already told his loved ones about it before the Espoo competition.

– They are completely behind my decision and support me. I’ve had a long, great career with ups and downs. I’m starting to get to the point in life where there are other things in life.

Saarinen said he got a lot from skating.

– I have learned a lot about myself and learned to trust my own way of acting and my own doing. I’ve had a lot of trouble too. I’ve learned to get over them. It will definitely remain a strength for me above skating, Saarinen said.

Saarinen hopes that his future profession will be found in sports and possibly skating. Since autumn, he has been studying for a basic degree in exercise guidance at the Vierumäki sports college in Heinola.

– I continue to study in Vierumäki and coach skaters in Koovee, the next stars. In the future, I would probably like to jump into the world of choreography. It interests me a lot, Saarinen said.