FIFA 23: RTTF Tracker – These players can get upgrades

Leksand extended the winning streak beat AIK

In line with the European football competitions Champions League, Europa League and Conference League, EA in FIFA 23 released new RTTF (Road to the Final) maps that can get progressively stronger. With our RTTF tracker you are always informed and find out which cards are getting upgrades.

How RTTF map upgrades work: In order for the new RTTF maps to receive upgrades, the real clubs of the respective players must advance in the respective competitions and win games.

Here you can see what upgrades are available for:

  • The club wins the first tournament match after the launch of the promo: +1 to the standings
  • The club qualifies for the quarter-finals: +1 to the overall standings
  • The club qualifies for the semi-finals: +1 to the overall standings and new attributes
  • Club qualifies for Finals: 5 Star Weak Foot Upgrade
  • Club wins the final: +1 to overall rating and 5 star skill moves upgrade
  • Here you can see the different upgrades that can wait for a card.

    Which RTTF players are there? All OTW cards available in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team can be found here:

    RTTF Tracker shows you possible upgrades for all RTTF maps

    What is the RTTF tracker? In the table below we show you all RTTF cards and how many upgrades they have already received. You can see where the players are in each tournament and how many upgrades are still possible.

    playertournament statusreceive upgradesFirmino (91) – Liverpool FCRound of 16 – Champions League0/5Goretzka (90) – Bayern MunichRound of 16 – Champions League1/5Martinelli (91) – ArsenalRound of 16 – Europa League0/5Barella (90) – Inter MilanRound of 16 – Champions League1/5Alaba (90) – Real MadridRound of 16 – Champions League1/5Martial (90) – Manchester UnitedRound of 16 – Europa League1/5Moura (88) – Tottenham HotspurRound of 16 – Champions League0/5Diaby (89) – Bayer Leverkusen Round of 16 – Europa League1/5Chiesa (89) – Juventus TurinRound 16 – Europa League1/5Ferran Torres (88) – FC BarcelonaRelegated – Europa League0/5Phillips (88) – Manchester CityRound 16 – Champions League0/5Fofana (88) – Chelsea FCRound 16 – Champions League0/5Malen (87) – Borussia DortmundRound 16 – Champions League1/5Volland (87) – AS Monacoeliminated – Europa League0/5Atal (88) – OGC NiceRound of 16 – Conference League0/5Nuno Mendes (86) – PSGRound of 16 – Champions League0/5Raspadori (88) – NapoliRound of 16 – Champions League1/5Brais Mendez (88) – Real Sociedad Round of 16 – Europa League0/5Lamela (88) – SevillaRound of 16 – Europa League1/5Miranda (88) – Real Betisround of 16 – Europa League0/5Forsberg (86) – RB Leipzig round of 16 – Champions League0/5Tuta (86) – Eintracht Frankfurtround of 16 – Champions League0/5Felipe Anderson (87) – Lazio Roma Round of 16 – Conference League1/5Schäfer (71) – Union Berlin Round of 16 – Europa League1/5
  • Alaba earned his first upgrade after beating Liverpool.
  • Martial also gets his first upgrade for the first win.
  • Barella gets a point stronger because Milan won.
  • Leverkusen wins the first game after the promo starts and Diaby gets stronger.
  • Chiesa from Juventus Turin improved by one point after the first match.
  • Dortmund wins and Malen collects his first upgrade.
  • Raspadori is also among the winners and gets its first upgrade.
  • Lamela wins with Sevilla and gets his rating upgrade.
  • Lazio Roma take a win and upgrade Felipe Anderson.
  • We will update this tracker with the latest data after matchdays. So be sure to check back regularly to see how your RTTF players are doing.

    When are the upgrades coming? EA has already announced when you can expect upgrades for your RTTF cards. Maps improve on the following dates:

  • February 24th
  • 17. March
  • April 21
  • May 19th
  • 12th of June
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