FIFA 23: Players are finally demanding a fix for Trivela shot that is way too powerful

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The Trivela shot in FIFA 23 is a thorn in the side of many players. This special shooting technique is currently extremely strong in high leagues and the goalkeeper is usually very clumsy when trying to defend himself. A fix has been requested since the release, but now it’s boiling up again in reddit.

What’s that shot? The outside instep shot – also known as the Trivela shot – is one of the new shooting techniques introduced with FIFA 23. It is technically a bit more demanding than the “normal” shot with the inside. Portuguese Ricardo Quaresma was feared and admired for his real life Trivela shots.

The execution of the shot is actually quite simple. Just press:

  • L2 and circle (shoot button) on the PS controller
  • LT and B (shoot button) on the Xbox controller
  • You also have to charge the shot to at least three bars
  • The difficult thing, however, is the correct positioning. Ideally, you stand with a right foot on the right edge of the penalty area or with a left foot on the left edge of the penalty area. Now you shoot the ball into the far corner with your outside instep.

    Not only does this shot look good, it’s also insanely effective. The players find it too effective. Because even players with a shot strength of 49 can easily score a goal outside the penalty area.

    YouTuber Dylan Banks made a video about it:

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    Goalie acting weird on Trivela shot

    What are the players complaining about? A thread was opened on reddit that revolves around the shot and calls for a fix. The creator complains that his Trivela shot goes on target 9 times out of 10, even from sometimes insane distances.

    Many users in the thread confirm this feeling:

  • For example, Jamesv93 writes, “He’s completely broken and needs to be toned down. I noticed the shots especially at corners. People take a short corner, play their way to the edge of the box and just hit a Trivela shot as fast as they can.”
  • Lejhonny complains: “When a defender with 60 shot power hits like that, you know it’s broken.”
  • Dylan Banks also has a vivid example in his video. There he hits with a player with 49 shot power. He says: “If you stand at the right angle and hit the three bars, then the ball goes in 80 or 90 percent.”
  • The thread garnered 160 upvotes and 80 comments in four hours. He is currently ranked #2 on the FIFA subreddit. However, not all users are generally against the shot. It should be quite defendable due to the obvious positioning, but only with the players outside the goal.

    What exactly is the problem? According to reddit users, the goalkeeper is the big problem. He is said to be particularly stupid with Trivela shots.

    He often jumps under the ball, although sometimes it only comes at chest height. In addition, he sometimes jumps forward to the ball, although the shot from the outside of the foot should of course go into the upper corner.

    labo_ ist explains the success of the shot like this: “Goalkeepers cannot react and defenders cannot react. That’s why people in higher leagues always use it. When shooting with the outside of the foot, the goalkeeper simply forgets to parry. And the outside foot shot looks like it has 100% accuracy with no random effect. Maybe it’s the animation, I don’t know, but it’s unacceptable the way OP L2 modifiers are currently.”

    Incidentally, the power shot is also a powerful tool for scoring goals. Here we explain it to you:

    FIFA 23: Use power shot correctly – How to score epic goals

    Is a nerf coming? So far, EA has not commented on the shot. However, only in the last week was there a weakening of a popular technique for corner kicks, which was also considered too strong. It is therefore possible that improvements will still be made here, even if the players have been complaining about the Trivela shot since the release.

    What experiences have you had with the outside instep shot so far? Do you think it’s too strong or is there too much complaining here?