Fidia, 2022 profit of 5.8 million. Consistent collection of orders at the beginning of 2023

ISCC Fintech 2022 revenues rise to 471 million 215

(Tiper Stock Exchange) – Phidiasa company listed on Euronext Milan and active in the design, production and marketing of milling systems, closed the 2022 with consolidated revenues equal to 24.3 million euros, up by 2.2% compared to the previous year. In the electronic sector, the trend in revenues compared to 2021 is up by 14.9%, that of the high-speed milling systems sector by 9%, while the after-sales assistance sector has worsened by 7.4 %.

L’EBITDA is negative by 2.6 million euros (margin of -10.7%, compared to 0.4 million euros in 2021. The Net income is equal to 5.8 million euros (-3.5 million euros in 2021).

“While the negative EBITDA was affected by the state of crisis in which Fidia was still in 2022, the positive net result of 5.8 million euros benefits from the contingent assets deriving from the effects of the composition with creditors – commented the executive president Luigi Maniglio – The combined effect of the debt relief (the NFP goes from around 19 million to 7.7 million) and the positive net result, strengthen the capital structure of the company, increasing the shareholders’ equity (from -1.7 million to +6.3 million), and allowing Fidia to enter the new financial year with prospects for a relaunch”.

“There consistent collection of orders carried out in the first two months of 2023 (15 million euros) consolidates the prospects for recovery and development and constitutes a good omen for the current year”, he added.