Few people know the true purpose of the third compartment of the washing machine – yet it is very useful

Few people know the true purpose of the third compartment

This is what the third compartment of the washing machine drawer is for. Too many people ignore it.

The washing machine, this essential household appliance that almost all of us have at home, has made our daily lives easier for decades. However, despite its regular use, certain aspects of its operation remain mysterious to many. Of these, the third compartment of the detergent drawer remains a subject of question. It is rarely used, or misused. Yet, it has a precise function that can significantly improve the washing of your clothes.

All washing machines have a drawer to put detergent and softener. But did you notice that there were three compartments and not two? The compartment marked with “II” is reserved for laundry. The one with the flower symbol is designed to hold fabric softener or other rinse aids. But what is the one often marked with an “I” used for?

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It is very common to make the mistake of using it incorrectly, which reduces the washing efficiency of the device. Many people think that the compartment marked with an “I” is used to put laundry. It is a mistake.

In addition to knowing which product to use in each compartment, you need to know what this third compartment of the drawer is really used for, often ignored, but which makes your washing machine programs much more efficient.

It is intended to be used to place laundry detergent in case of pre-washing. It is therefore very useful for very dirty or stained clothes. This action is performed before the main wash cycle. This weakens stains and dirt so that they can then be removed during the wash cycle.

To use it properly, all you have to do is add a little detergent and select the pre-wash cycle in the washing machine. By using this third compartment and the pre-wash mode, the most complicated stains will disappear more easily, and therefore you will obtain better results when washing clothes.

However, we must keep in mind that this is not always a necessary step, since it will only be necessary in cases where we find very dirty clothes or with difficult stains, as usually happens with children’s clothes, work clothes or those used in the gym.