Features of Apple’s first VR and AR headset revealed

Features of Apples first VR and AR headset revealed

Expected at the end of 2022, Apple’s first headset combining augmented and virtual realities should be equipped with two micro Oled 4K displays and the M1 chip power already present in the new Macbooks.

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Qu is not a word’Apple gives signs of interest in a technology, rumors are erupting and analysts take the opportunity to create a buzz. This is the case of Ming Chi Kuo, an expert on the brand, whose predictions turn out to be almost systematically correct. It has been several months since it has been assumed that the brand is in the process of developing a augmented reality also capable of displaying virtual reality. It must be said that, as Meta / Facebook puts the package on the metaverse, better not to miss the check mark.

However, according to the information collected by the analyst, this VR headset would be equipped with the powerful chip M1 which now equips the Macbook and theiPad Pro. Suffice to say that it will be designed to operate autonomously like theOculus Quest 2, but in an ultra-vitamin version. Another processor, a little less powerful, should also be present in order to manage the calculations related to the different sensors.

The iPhone replacement in ten years

According to the analyst, to correctly ensure the display of augmented reality, the headset effectively requires this additional chip to manage the 6 to 8 optical modules which should equip the headset in order to deliver the display in augmented reality. As for the displays planned for virtual reality, the expert stresses that the technology used for the screens would come from Sony and that they would be micro panels. Oled. Also according to Ming Chi Kuo, the Apple-stamped VR headset could be released at the end of 2020. Finally, the expert says that, within ten years, this type of headset could well replace the Iphone.

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