Featured: The Weapon of Fear

Featured The Weapon of Fear

Putin: war and fear », notes Release.

Putin’s crazy escalation », ton Humanity.

The one-upmanship », exclaim Le Figaro and The Latest News from Alsace.

Rushing ahead », start The Parisian, The Picard Courier or The world.

Mobilization of 300,000 reservists and nuclear blackmail… Tension rose a notch and questions were jostling in the newspapers.

Releasein particular, wonders: Will the reservists allow themselves to be enrolled as easily as those prisoners or those unemployed from the country’s remote provinces who, in exchange for a few rubles to improve their family’s daily life, have hitherto served as cannon fodder? Will the Russian army have enough uniforms, light or heavy weapons, ammunition, tanks or transport vehicles when it is already bloodless? So that we hardly have time to question ourselves further, the Russian president has chosen to use the weapon he masters best, that of fear, point Release. From the start, it has sought to frighten us by all means – shortages of wheat and gas or the risk of a missile at the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia – hoping to make Europe and the West as a whole back down. This time, he lets it be understood that he will not hesitate, if the territories annexed by Russia via pseudo-referendums are attacked, to use nuclear weapons. Faced with this rational madness, what to do? wonder again Release. Certainly not back down, responds the newspaper. It is because Western countries – aware of the danger that this war represented for them too – helped Ukraine from the beginning that Russia is struggling today. We must continue. With firmness and unity. »

Awakening of consciences?

For Le Figaro we must be prepared for a headlong rush. It is clear that Putin cannot lose this battle without losing his skin. It pulls in the ranks of his political supporters and even, it is said, of the staff in Moscow. His last points of support in the world, from China to India and Turkey, urge him to get it over with. »

And Le Figaro to also ask: Can the reluctantly enlisted foot soldiers and the shells delivered by North Korea restore its advantage on the ground? Nothing is less sure. But the next step comes at an exorbitant cost, for Russians and the entire planet. It is to be hoped that what remains of public institutions in Russia will become aware of this and “neutralize” in time the radioactive autocrat of the Kremlin. »

In fact, complete Free Charente the mobilization order launched in Russia could finally awaken consciences in a country anesthetized by propaganda. It is no longer a question of a simple brain drain but of a rescue-who-can among those who could be called upon to die in the Donbass. »

Anger awakening?

The Latest News from Alsace add: ” the mobilization of some 300,000 reservists carries with it the seeds of an even greater collective trauma for a deeply stricken nation. Because the already huge number of losses and wounded on the front will mechanically explode once the conscripts are sent under grapeshot and nothing says that the Russian people will suffer this new bloodletting without flinching. (…) The Russians have already experienced this in Afghanistan. For ten years, they watched young men leave before seeing them return in coffins, mutilated or broken. From that time, they still have a little ash in their hearts and a lot of anger. In his headlong rush, Vladimir Putin also takes the risk of waking her up. »

Injured tiger…

Anyway, analyze South Westthat Putin defies the world and his people while the turn signals are red for him is necessarily an admission of weakness. As a member of the UN Security Council, Russia is not content with violating its charter by invading its neighbour. It once again brandishes the nuclear threat while its vital interests are in no way threatened, further weakening what remains of the collective security system put in place after the cataclysm of the Second World War. The continuation of the war in Ukraine is becoming so irrational that this new atomic bomb blackmail must be taken very seriously, warns South West. Putin warned that this was not a “bluff”. Credible or not, the leader of the Kremlin, moved from the position of hunter to that of game because of the accumulation of his failures, has chosen to headlong. The injured tiger must not drag the world down. »