FBI foiled assassination plot against Queen Elizabeth

FBI foiled assassination plot against Queen Elizabeth

Published: Just now

full screen Britain’s Queen Elizabeth and US President Ronald Reagan in San Francisco on March 3, 1983. Photo: Ed Reinke/AP/TT

The American federal police FBI received a tip that a man was planning to assassinate Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II when she visited the United States in 1983.

This is evident from documents the FBI published earlier this week, the BBC reports.

The FBI was tipped off by a police officer in San Francisco, who in an Irish bar met a man who blamed his daughter’s death on British soldiers in Northern Ireland – and planned to take revenge by killing the Queen.

“He would do this by either dropping something from the Golden Gate Bridge onto the royal yacht Britannia as it sailed under the bridge, or he would try to kill Queen Elizabeth while she was visiting Yosemite National Park,” the released files state.

The documents do not indicate whether any arrests were made or how security was tightened in Yosemite. On the Golden Gate Bridge, traffic was reportedly closed to pedestrians when the Britannia passed.

Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip visited a number of cities in California in 1983 and met, among others, President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy Reagan. There is no information that the Queen’s life was in danger.