Favorite iOS 16 feature is object separation from photos

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tech giant applerecently launched with iOS 16 operating system introduced many new features.

WWDC22 the most important announcement of the event, here we place iOS 16 operating system, It became available for download last week for all supported iPhone models, which you can see at the bottom of the page. Here is the obvious favorite part of this operating system There was an infrastructure for separating objects from photographs.. Here’s how Apple describes this feature itself: β€œUsers can now press and hold the subject of a photo and remove it from the background and place it in apps like Messages. This feature works in Screenshot, Quick View, Photos, Safari and much more.

Feature highly appreciated by users, only on iPhone models with A12 Bionic and newer chip (XS and later) can be used. Using the feature is quite simple. Photos (Built-in photo gallery), it is enough to open a photo you have saved in it and press and hold on the object you want to select in the photo.

The artificial intelligence system scans the photo and can choose the object you have determined really well and bring it out without a background. In this selection process, a stylish animation showing the boundaries of the object is displayed. being laid. The short video below demonstrates this.

of iOS 16 Object separation infrastructure from photographs is currently used for many different purposes. used for. For example, the person you can see right below uses the feature to save the combinations of clothes he wears in the notes application. This looks really interesting:

This user uses the feature to get food photos off the ground. The infrastructure has no difficulty in separating objects with certain boundaries such as plates:

“Breast” The feature, which is frequently used in production, also makes interesting collages such as the following very easy.

The feature, which is expected to be even better in the future, will also be at the center of many different creative works in the coming days. This iOS 16 infrastructure, which Apple has started to use, is of course nothing new, but it is very popular because it is built-in and is very effortless.


iOS 16 operating system Sent for free to many iPhone models. These models are exactly as follows, according to Apple’s official statement:

  • -iPhone 13
  • -iPhone 13 mini
  • -iPhone 13 Pro
  • -iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • -iPhone 12
  • -iPhone 12 mini
  • -iPhone 12 Pro
  • -iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • -iPhone 11
  • -iPhone 11 Pro
  • -iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • -iPhone XS
  • -iPhone XS Max
  • -iPhone XR
  • -iPhone X
  • -iPhone 8
  • -iPhone 8 Plus
  • -iPhone SE (2nd generation or newer)

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