Father is suspected of murdering his family and committing suicide

The family that was found dead in the Norwegian municipality of Ål shook the community. Now the police announce that the father is suspected of having shot dead a woman and their common child, and then took his own life.
– What we have heard about is that there are rumors in the local community about what has happened, and who has done what, says police prosecutor Ann Iren Svane Mathiassen to TV2.

On Saturday, a family with four people was found dead in a house in the municipality of Ål in south-eastern Norway. The police moved out after a report of concern from a family member.

Now the Sørøst police district announces that the father in the family is suspected of having murdered a woman and their two adult children, before committing suicide.

– The status of the investigation indicates that a woman and two adult children have been shot, and that the perpetrator then took his own life. The case is therefore now being investigated as a murder and suicide and the perpetrator who is dead has the status of the defendant in the case, says police prosecutor Ann Iren Svane Mathiassen according to a press release.

Item seized

The deceased have not been identified, but the police believe there is no reason to suspect the deceased are not the family listed at the address.

The police have also confiscated several items, including the firearm that the man is suspected of having used in the crime. A preliminary autopsy report will be available in a few days.

– It is too early to say anything about the underlying causes of this serious incident. Through the investigation, it is our responsibility to provide as many answers as possible to those left behind, says Ann Iren Svane Mathiassen.

Police: Don’t spread rumours

The police urge the residents of the village, which has 400 inhabitants, not to spread rumors about the incident.

– What we have heard about is that there are rumors in the local community about what has happened, and who has done what. Therefore, we wanted to inform about who has been charged, and that there were no signs of a fight at the scene, says Ann Iren Svane Mathiassen to Norwegian TV2.

Mayor Solveig Vestenfor agrees with the police’s call, but says she understands that a “vacuum” is being created, which many have a need to fill.

– When such crises arise, and the security that people have in everyday life is suddenly uprooted a little, then people need answers. This is how people are created, she tells TV2.

Fact: You can turn here if you feel unwell

In emergency situations or thoughts of suicide, always call 112.

This is where you can turn if you feel unwell:

1177: Healthcare advice and information about the nearest psychiatric emergency department.


Suicide Zero: suicidezero.se.

Spes: National Association for Suicide Prevention and Survivor Support: spes.se.

BRIS, Children’s rights in society: bris.se.

Save the Children: raddabarnen.se. Also for parents.

Fellow on duty, reachable at night on 08–702 16 80.