Father and son met in the war – on opposite sides

Oleksandr lived half of his life in Russia. But today he lives on the other side of the border. This summer, the 19-year-old, who commands US M2 Bradley fighting vehicles, gained viral attention after his unit won a battle against two Russian tanks in the Zaporozhye region. Called from unknown number Oleksandr now tells in an interview with Ukrainian TCH that the uprising led to a type of family reunion. A while ago he received a call from an unknown number and when he answered it was a voice that said “my son, come to us”. It turned out that his father, whom Oleksandr had not seen since childhood, was on the other side of the line and a tank commander for the Russian army. – He is my father, but really he is nothing, he says to the TV channel. During the conversation, Oleksandr learned that the father was tasked with attacking the Bradleys and also fired at his unit. – It was like father against son shooting at each other. Should have the son out in the field According to the father, the battle was interrupted when the 19-year-old’s unit was hit and the father then saw how the son left the combat vehicle. But Oleksandr believes that the attack certainly continued afterwards. The 19-year-old says that after the phone call he received the information that his father had been killed in a drone attack. – That was his fate, Oleksandr tells TCH.