Farmers place chestnuts on their windowsill and they are right when you know the trick

Farmers place chestnuts on their windowsill and they are right

Take a handful of chestnuts and place them on your windowsill. You will get rid of an annoying problem once and for all.

With the arrival of autumn, chestnuts begin to appear in parks and forests. Children use them for play and for art activities at school, while adults use them for beauty treatments. Few people know that chestnuts have another very useful function. Farmers have used them for centuries to chase away an unwanted intruder into the house.

As autumn is just around the corner, so don’t forget to pick up a few chestnuts on your September walk. Not only will you decorate your home with it, but you will also protect yourself from unwanted guests: spiders. According to lovers of these animals, they bring good luck, but for many their appearance at home is a real nightmare.

When the weather deteriorates, the temperature drops and the rain begins, spiders seek shelter. They often choose our homes, where it is warm and comfortable. They generally weave their webs in corners and thus try to survive the winter. Not everyone is happy with this situation, and the presence of spiders in a house can cause panic fear and disgust in many people. Insecticides and mosquito nets are not always effective, so it helps to protect your home in other ways. You’ll need the chestnuts you collected earlier in the park.

In fact, simply place chestnuts on the exterior window sill and inside near the windows. Make a small incision in their shell, which will release a more intense smell. Spiders hate this smell, so the aroma of chestnuts will act as a natural repellent. They won’t even try to enter your home.

The smell of chestnuts is repellent to spiders due to the chemical compounds they contain. Although the exact reasons are not fully understood, some theories suggest that these compounds may be perceived by spiders as warning signals or threats. In addition, spiders, having highly developed senses, are particularly sensitive to certain odors. Brown emits an odor that spiders find unpleasant, which deters them from approaching. You can also use chestnuts to fight aphids. Spray your plants with cooled water mixed with chestnut powder and you will protect your flowers against these pests.