Fantasy horror series with witch doctor starts a whole universe

Fantasy horror series with witch doctor starts a whole universe

Every self-respecting broadcaster and streaming service is building a larger fantasy universe. Amazon has The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Netflix is ​​busy working on the worlds of The Witcher and Shadow and Bone, HBO is providing Game of Thrones supplies and Disney+ is also preparing the next Harry Potter replacement. But that’s not all about new fantasy worlds.

The Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead broadcaster AMC is currently doing that Immortal Universe by fantasy author Anne Rice new on. With Mayfair Witches starts today, March 31, 2023, the second associated series on Sky/WOW *.

The Mayfair Witches series is the second series in the “immortal” fantasy universe

The first fantasy series of the Immortal Universe reached us at the beginning of the year: Interview with the Vampire, also came to WOW *. The first season of the new series impressed even without Brad Pitt. And even if the Vampire Chronicles is probably the US author’s most famous work, Anne Rice’s trilogy of the Mayfair witches * belongs to the same world and has now also been made into a film.


Mayfair Witches launches on Sky and WOW

In Mayfair Witches, Rowan Fielding (Alexandra Daddario) works as a successful neurosurgeon. But as eerie events begin to pile up, the doctor finds out that she is part of an ancient race of witches. To get a handle on her deadly powers, she travels to New Orleans for answers. But not only is her shady family waiting there, but also a powerful supernatural being named Lasher (Jack Huston), who wants to gain access to her head.

AMC is serious about the new “immortal universe”: A second season of the brutal fantasy horror Interview with the Vampire is already in the works. Series creators Michelle Ashford and Esta Spalding’s Mayfair Witches was also used already ordered a 2nd season. If the success of both stories continues, more series could follow. Because the world of Anne Rice’s supernatural creatures, who repeatedly visit each other in her novels, is large.

Mayfair Witches will start on March 31, 2023 with two episodes on Sky/WOW and will then be included weekly double episodes published.

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