Fans of Arcane must be strong – because the series ends with season 2

It’s almost over for Arcane. After the second season, the story is over – but there is also hope.

Many have been on tenterhooks since the end of the first season of Arcane – because the story ended on a pretty high note. What was an outrageous cliffhanger for some, others found to be a brilliant conclusion to the first season.

Now it won’t be long until the second season of Arcane will be shown on Netflix and the story about Vi, Jinx and the fate of Piltover and Zaun will move on to the next round.

However, this is not only the next round – but also the last. Because Arcane ends with season 2.

You can see the latest trailer for Season 2 here:

ARCANE: Trailer shows what Season 2 is about

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What was said? In a “Dev Update” video on YouTube, the developers talked about the future of League of Legends and also said a few words about the successful series Arcane, as the release of the second season is due in a few months.

The news is certainly sad for some: Arcane ends with the last episode of Season 2. After that, there will be no more episodes of Arcane and the series is considered over.

Why does Arcane end? The reason for the end of Arcane after season 2 does not seem to be that the series was not well received. Instead, the creators had planned a very specific ending, which is reached with the last episode of season 2. They do not want to drag out the story any further after that.

Will there be more series? Yes, there will be more stories from the League of Legends universe. The team is reportedly working on “new projects for film and television.” However, these projects are still in the early stages of development and they hope to be able to reveal a little more about them towards the end of the year – perhaps the first trailer will be available by the time the last episode of Arcane has aired.

At least that means that we should see a pretty brilliant finale with the end of Arcane, in which the conflict between Piltover and Zaun reaches its climax and the rivalry between Vi and Jinx is finally resolved. A first teaser for season 2 caused a stir a few days ago.