Fans have been waiting for the mythosaur for 41 years

Fans have been waiting for the mythosaur for 41 years

Attention, follow spoiler!

This week, The Mandalorian takes us to the Mines of Mandalore and straight to the origin of Mandalorian mythology. Actually, the planet was destroyed by the Empire. They say it’s uninhabitable. However, Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal), Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff) and little Grogu find out the opposite.

In The Mandalorian Season 2, Episode 2, we get our first glimpse of the fabled planet in live-action form. Mandalore has already appeared in the animated series The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. But what we haven’t seen yet is that mythosaurwhich slumbers in the mines.

The Mandalorian Season 3 unleashes the Mythosaur in the mines of Mandalore

Din heads to Mandalore to literally clear his name. A dip in the living waters, located beneath the mines of Mandalore, is intended to allow his return to the clan after he took off his helmet, thereby breaking the rules. But he didn’t expect the mythosaur.


The Mythosaur’s Eye in The Mandalorian

As soon as Din enters the water, his heavy armor pulls him down. When Bo-Katan rushes to his aid, a third badgeast reveals himself: The giant mythosaur is awakened from his sleep and smells fresh prey. The Din and Bo-Katan dem can just about do so primeval monster escape.

Although The Mandalorian marks the Mythosaur’s first appearance in a notable canonical Star Wars project, its history stretches far back into the Star Wars universe. The creature was originally designed for an issue in the comic book series Star Wars 69 created, which was published in 1982.

Mandalore’s Heraldic Beast: Why the Mythosaur is so Important in the Star Wars Universe

Giant spiders, unwelcome Blurrgs, and an enraged Mudhorn: Din has encountered some uncanny creatures across the galaxy. However, the mythosaur occupies a special position, not only because of its size. he is that Heraldic animal of the Mandalorians and deeply connected to the history of Mandalore.


The Mythosaur crest in The Mandalorian

According to legend it has Mandalore the Great managed to tame and ride the beast. Since then, the skull of the mythosaur has been firmly associated as a symbol with the planet and its inhabitants. However, Mandalore’s best days are long gone. This is exactly where the third season of The Mandalorian comes in.

As it turns out, Mandalore’s atmosphere wasn’t poisoned. We get to know several creatures that have survived. One Reclaiming the lost planet is possible. Last but not least, Din possesses the dark sword that brought the individual Mando clans together a long time ago.

If he succeeds, then too to ride the mythosaur, then nothing stands in the way of his promotion to ruler of Mandalore. It is questionable, however, whether he wants to do that at all. Not to mention that Bo-Katan, the younger sister of the previous ruler, is right at his side.

The 3rd season of The Mandalorian has been running since March 1, 2023 at Disney+.

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