Family friend Leila about the start of the record sales

Murhaf Hamid, 12, has gained a lot of attention after selling mayflowers for millions.
At first, no one bought and several were unpleasant. Then family friend and asylum coordinator Leila shared a post on social media that would go viral.
– Murhaf’s mother has done an outstanding job, she says.

He has broken all records when it comes to the sale of May flowers and now he is storming towards five million. Believe it or not, Murhaf’s sales were slow at first. People didn’t listen, jogged away from him and the 12-year-old was even bullied.

– It felt difficult at first, but then I got used to it, says Murhaf Hamid in the broadcast.

The post that started the sale

Leila Ourahmane, asylum coordinator and good friend of Murhaf, has, to say the least, had a hand in the game that led to the great success. Leila wrote a Facebook post that quickly spread.

In After five, Leila describes the relationship with Murhaf and his family.

– I work with asylum seekers where Murhaf’s mother has been one of the participants and in this way I have gotten to know her and later also the whole family, she says in the broadcast.

– His mother has done an outstanding job raising the children on her own.

– I think so too, interjects Murhaf, referring to his mother’s upbringing.