faced with the uncertainty of the situation, the displaced are afraid to return home

faced with the uncertainty of the situation the displaced are

The situation seems to have stabilized a week after Armenia’s first exchange of fire with Azerbaijan. This weekend, the visit of the speaker of the American House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, allowed the ceasefire to hold. But in Yerevan, where nearly 7,600 displaced people are still stranded, the fear of a resumption of hostilities is palpable.

With our correspondent in Yerevan, Manon Chaplain

In the suburbs of Yerevan, Anna and her four children are crammed into three small rooms. A week ago, they took refuge in the capital after receiving shellfire. Their village is located just a few meters from the border with Azerbaijan. “ Basically, I had rented this apartment in Yerevan for the studies of my two daughters, she explains. But when the shelling started, the rest of my family joined us, and now we’re all stuck here. »


Apart from water and coffee, the family lacks everything here. So when Anna sees that the fighting has stopped since Thursday, she hesitates. Maybe it’s time to go home. “ I’m not afraid for me, I feel strong when I’m in my village, it’s my native land, I could never leave it, she testifies. But I worry about my children, I don’t want them to experience war. I am still waiting to see how the situation evolves. »

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Many displaced people fear a military escalation. Rumors say that Azerbaijan could take over the south of the country. Sirina Hajjar, from the All for Armenia association, accompanies several families. “ Many believe that the attacks will resume on September 21, Armenia’s independence day, or on September 27, when the last war began two years ago. “, she reports.

Nancy Pelosy condemns ” attacks » from Azerbaijan

If a new war breaks out, it would be the fourth since the 1990s. Last week, the fighting has already left nearly 180 dead.

At a press conference in the Armenian capital, US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday accused Azerbaijan of being responsible for last week’s border clashes. “ We strongly condemn these attacks, on behalf of Congress, which threaten the prospect of a much-needed peace agreement “, she said.

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