Faced with a shortage, Russia is trying to attract men as mercenaries to Ukraine – promising almost 3,000 euros per month

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In its recruitment campaign, Russia uses mobile trucks that display army equipment and hand out brochures. The promised compensation is more than four times the average salary.

The Russian army is trying to attract contract soldiers to Ukraine with a recruitment campaign, reports news agency Reuters. A salary of almost three thousand euros per month is promised.

It is estimated that Russia has already lost tens of thousands of soldiers in Ukraine, although it has not updated the official loss figures for months, reports Reuters.

In March, Russia said that 1,351 soldiers had died in Ukraine and 3,825 had been wounded. Western intelligence sources estimated that at least 15,000–20,000 Russian soldiers had probably died. Ukraine has also not given the exact death toll, but they are also estimated to be high.

18–60-year-olds are recruited as contract soldiers

The recruitment truck was seen over the weekend in the southern city of Rostov. The soldiers showed off their weapons and handed out brochures marketing the contract soldier’s work as “the job of real men”.

The recruitment campaign says that Russia needs more soldiers in Ukraine. At the moment, it does not appear that Russia is planning a general move to strengthen its forces in Ukraine.

Recently, Ukraine has managed to carry out successful counterattacks, especially in the Kharkiv region in northern Ukraine, and to recapture the occupied territories.

The major appearing in the video provided by Reuters Sergei Ardashev says that Russians or foreigners between the ages of 18 and 60 who have completed at least high school can be recruited.

According to Ardashev, the minimum salary is 160,000 rubles, which is equivalent to 2,700 euros. According to the Bank of Finland the average salary in Russia last year was around 620 euros per month. (you switch to another service)