Facebook may have allowed a company to read private messages

Located under the umbrella of Meta Facebookallegedly allowed a company to read users’ private messages it could be.

Facebook, According to alarming claims that are not yet 100 percent confirmed Netflix Within the scope of the partnership made in 2013, The giant TV series/movie company may have allowed users to read their private messages.. In this respect, “Netflix allegedly received special access to Facebook users’ private message inboxes, as well as some exclusive analytics tools, in exchange for hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising deals” statement is made, this situation looks really bad. This situation, which is claimed to have taken place many years ago, does not come as an extreme surprise to some people. Netflix’s then CEO, Reed Hastings, between 2011 and 2019 He is on the board of directors of Facebook And It is said that he personally managed the relations between the two companies. There is no clear statement from either company on this issue yet. However, it is reported that the process will be furthered.


Before this, Facebook had come to the fore with a strange “nudge” development. In his statement on this issue, Meta said that the Facebook platform has improved the suggestions it shows about who to poke, and also through search. poke page He announced that he had made it easier to find. In addition to these, the platform A nudge feature has also been introduced via the friend search page.. With the effect of all these, the number of pokes on the platform increased last month. It was reported that there was a 13-fold increase. On top of all that, Facebook accounts for more than 50 percent of pokes. He stated that it came from people between the ages of 18 and 29. Meanwhile, Meta is also working to strengthen the connection between Facebook and X competitor Threads, and the cross-sharing infrastructure is on the way.

It is not known when this feature will be available, but when it is activated Facebook posts can be quickly and automatically transferred to Threads. The company, which wants to expand its X competitor application and takes a logical step in this regard with Facebook integration, Threads Of course, he also does other work for you. For example Threads Today, it started to bring trending, that is, the most talked about topics to people, through an infrastructure that was put into use based in the USA.

In the statement made by the company, it was stated that they received help from both artificial intelligence and a team when determining the trending content seen on the search page. This feature, which will soon be available to everyone in the USA and later to other countries, certainly looks good for those who want to be informed about current developments.