Facebook made a TikTok-inspired video update

Facebook, under the umbrella of Meta, made a TikTok-inspired video update today and introduced its new video player. took out.

Firstly Canada And USAcan be used in Facebook The new full-screen video player is directly similar to the one used on TikTok and gives priority to videos in vertical format. The company has taken a logical step by switching to a uniform player design for reels, long horizontal videos or live broadcast videos, and places the key elements in video interaction in the right corner. Videos that normally appear horizontally in vertical format are spread across the entire screen when made full screen.. This infrastructure is expected to be taken out of the USA and Canada in the coming months, but no date has been given yet. Facebook had come to the fore with a big claim before this. Company According to alarming claims that are not yet 100 percent confirmed Netflix Within the scope of the partnership made in 2013, The giant TV series/movie company may have allowed users to read their private messages.. In this respect, “Netflix allegedly received special access to Facebook users’ private message inboxes, as well as some exclusive analytics tools, in exchange for hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising deals” statement is made, this situation looks really bad. This situation, which is claimed to have taken place many years ago, does not come as an extreme surprise to some people. Netflix’s then CEO, Reed Hastings, between 2011 and 2019 He is on the board of directors of Facebook And It is said that he personally managed the relations between the two companies.