Eye tracking feature coming to iPhone and iPad

Eye tracking feature coming to iPhone and iPad

Eye tracking feature coming to iPhone and iPad. Apple made this system available in iOS 18 and iPadOS 18. will present.

apple, Global Accessibility Awareness Day announced some new accessibility features that are on the way. The company has attached great importance to this issue for many years., attracted attention with the fact that it will offer eye tracking infrastructure especially to iPhones and iPads. This new eye tracking feature, powered by artificial intelligence, will give users a built-in option to navigate iPad and iPhone with just their eyes. Feature designed specifically for users with physical disabilities, but will also stand out in normal useAs you can guess, it will use front cameras in the process and will be calibrated and ready for use within seconds. Feature that does not require any extra hardware, will make the lives of many people easier. Apple is currently coming to the fore with many artificial intelligence developments focused on iOS 18. For example, according to Mark Gurman, a reliable source on the Apple side, the technology giant has released a new version for iOS 18. OpenAI It is very close to an agreement with.


Recently Apple announced the development behind ChatGPT. OpenAI It was said that he had a meeting with him at the end of last year, but did not get any results from him. Then, to strengthen iOS 18 in terms of artificial intelligence. OpenAI Apple, which is said to be at the table with Apple, is the leader in the field according to Bloomberg’s latest news. OpenAI It is very close to reaching an agreement with.

In this context, it is estimated that some features of ChatGPT will be built-in to Apple devices, which looks good for everyone on paper. In addition to OpenAI, as reported by Apple Regarding “Gemini”, the internet giant continues to negotiate with Google. It is stated that the company may work under both names in the final stage, and users seem to benefit greatly from these partnerships.

By the way, iOS 18 reportedly also comes with a large language model that will be built into the devices. it could be. According to the latest information obtained, with iOS 18, An LLM, or large language model, that will run directly on devices, that is, will not require a constant internet connection, can be created. Technology giant Apple, which has been revealed to have succeeded in running LLM on iPhones in recent months, can establish a very fast infrastructure with built-in solutions, avoid large server costs, and thus not charge people for artificial intelligence features.