Extreme weather forces 20 million people to leave their homes

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The UN climate meeting is entering its last week and a critical issue is about giving affected poor countries compensation for the weather disasters they are increasingly suffering from.

Last year alone, over 20 million people from 137 countries were forced to leave their homes due to extreme weather. The majority come from the countries most affected by the climate.

In India, millions of people have been forced to move in connection with weather disasters.

– The river has taken everything, our land and our home, says Mohammed Jewel, a refugee in India.

The water swallowed the village

The river Bramaputra, which grows ever larger as the glaciers in the Himalayas melt, has swallowed their entire village and the family had to move 300 miles, to a city in India where they speak a different language.

– It is a common example of climate-driven migration. That a natural disaster occurs, one’s house and home are destroyed, and in order to make a living and survive, one is forced to move, says Elin jakobsson, researcher of international relations at the Institute of Foreign Policy.

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