Extraordinary meeting of ECOWAS ministers to discuss the crises in the sub-region

ECOWAS changes course on the case of Niger

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) is holding an extraordinary session of its mediation and security council at ministerial level this Thursday in Abuja. According to the agenda, the situation in Senegal, as well as the decision of Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso to leave the regional organization will be the main topics of discussion.

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With our regional correspondent, Serge Daniel

The African Union (AU) Commissioner for Peace and Security is due to participate in this Thursday’s meeting in Abuja. And its position is clear, explains a diplomat: the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the AU want to harmonize their points of view on the situation in the sub-region.

Proposals will be made to the heads of state of the regional institution who are expected to meet on the issues in Addis Ababa on the sidelines of the next African Union summit.

For the case of Senegal, we must quickly remove the fog from this beautiful showcase of the continent’s democracy, summarizes a minister participating in the meeting. The solution in Dakar could involve respect for the law and local political reality, notes another interlocutor.

In a press release, the sub-regional organization called on Senegal to “ restore the electoral calendar » but questioned on France 24, the Senegalese Minister of Foreign Affairs was clear and replied that Senegal had its own agenda.

Senegal respects the ECOWAS recommendations, but today we favor the internal political logic which would dictate that this postponement of the elections is an opportunity to organize a free, inclusive and transparent election.

Ismaila Madior Fall, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Senegal

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Exit from ECOWAS

Another subject on the table of the extraordinary meeting of ministers of the ECOWAS Mediation and Security Council, the MaliTHE Niger and the Burkina Faso. These three countries persist and sign. They leave the organization without respecting the legal deadline of one year. No panic on board the sub-regional organization: “ We will propose to our heads of state to maintain the outstretched hand policy », confides another interlocutor. More concretely, an official of the ECOWAS commission affirms for his part that “ ECOWAS is not a straitjacket, but there are conditions for leaving it “.

Serge Daniel, RFI