Extinction Rebellion stopped traffic on Stureplan – demanding an end to fossil subsidies

Extinction Rebellion stopped traffic on Stureplan demanding an end

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full screen Extinction Rebellion carried out a new climate action on Saturday, this time in the middle of Stockholm. Now they demand an end to fossil subsidies. Photo: Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion demands an end to fossil fuel rebates

Stureplan in Stockholm was besieged during Saturday morning.

The climate movement Extinction Rebellion demands an end to fossil subsidies.

The climate action is part of a European campaign in which groups from more than 30 different countries demanded an end to the rebates under the slogan “United for climate justice”, UCJ.

In Sweden, we from Extinction Rebellion and the research group Scientist Rebellion have chosen to be part of this protest campaign. We react with dismay to the fact that the EU uses citizens’ tax funds to in practice provide support in the form of tax breaks to fossil companies. The fossil company is making record profits while fossil subsidies have never been higher. We demand that the climate crisis be taken seriously and that the Paris Agreement be followed, says Esther Hauer in a press release.

At least 405 billion euros are given annually in contributions to the fossil industry in various types of subsidies, according to the climate movement. Ten times as much money as the EU spends in the climate area.

In Sweden, we have seen an increase in heat waves, floods, extreme storms and people stuck for hours in traffic due to increased road damage and rapid temperature changes. The government responds by increasing emissions and implying that motorists have themselves to blame for taking to the roads, says Björn Paxling in the press release.

According to the activists, ending fossil subsidies goes hand in hand with climate justice. Climate justice is enshrined in the Paris Agreement, which Sweden has committed to follow.